Arriving home to Rome

The time has finally arrived. After almost a year of anticipating this chapter of my life and waiting for it to begin, I’m finally here. I am so extremely lucky to have all the support of my family and friends, and I have already been missing every single one so much. But, adventure awaits…


Although I have been to Rome before almost four years ago, I feel like that time I only saw maybe 5% of all of what Rome has. Even then, I never imagined that later in my life I would get the opportunity to actually live there. I’m sitting here now, and it’s still insane to me! Every corner you turn there’s always something beautiful to see. Even the alleyways are covered with restaurants, bars, and shops that all have their own unique touch to them, which is something that you don’t see in the U.S, dominated by the restaurant chains we all know and love. These alleyways are especially seen in Trastevere, the neighborhood where I am living at for the rest of the semester. Just south-west of the center of Rome, you can get a direct tram to wherever you need to be outside of Trastevere, or enjoy what it has to offer such as 3 Euro pizzas or a dollar store to get everything you need to survive your semester. What I love especially about being in Trastevere is that we are a little bit out of the way from the “touristy” areas, meaning we are not a short walking distance from the Colosseum or the Forum, but we still have great access to it and get a private place to ourselves outside from all the bustle. For anyone that may be traveling to Rome, Trastevere is definitely a great place to book your hotel or Airbnb.


Something I definitely want to get into this semester is trying new food. I think it’s just all part of the experience, and if you don’t go out a little bit of your comfort zone you might miss out on something you could end up loving. I have been picky with food basically my entire life, but I figured now was the time to just splurge on different foods and give it a shot, which means eating a lot (yes, I finished the whole pizza pictured above)! Another goal I have for my semester abroad is to actually learn how to drink wine. My dad is always the one to suggest wine pairings or give me the low down of how the wine actually “tastes”, but I’m hoping that I can eventually come out an expert and be able to tell the difference in each glass of red wine. In about two weeks my program is taking us out to Tuscany to specifically do a wine tasting, where I’ll hopefully get some tips and tricks with wine. My last goal for this semester is just get out there and do things I usually wouldn’t do while at home. Getting out of my comfort zone by trying to talk to new people, speak a new language I barely know, and being patient by just letting things “flow” as I’m exploring are definitely key for doing that. Although I’m not always the most out-spoken or patient person, being able to work on characteristics you might be trying to improve is also a part of the study abroad experience. Working on myself, being happy, and just taking this time to just live is what the next four months are all about.


I will definitely be posting loads more on Rome in the next coming semester, but I’ve only been here a week and I thought that I already needed to share some of what I’ve been experiencing. There is just so much, and if I tried to stuff all of Rome into one, no one would ever read a 100 paragraph post! I can’t wait to start getting out into Europe and traveling more. There are loads of places I want to go, and I don’t even know where to start! If anyone has any suggestions on how to plan trips with a cheap price in Europe (people who have studied abroad before), I would love to hear them! I would also love to hear suggestions of what was your favorite place to visit and what you did there. For now, I’ll still be enjoying Rome and this view. 🙂



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