Frankfurt, Germany. Jan 16-19, 2017.


If you desire a grand city with extensive modernization with its elegant touches of antique beauty, then Frankfurt is certainly the place to be. Germany has so many different cities but I find that many tend to overlook Frankfurt unless it’s to come for business. Although, not a bad thing but if you’re able to come at least once in your lifetime I highly recommend it. Frankfurt uniquely placed its airport from just a 15 minute drive with minimal traffic from the inner city, which you cannot really find in many other huge airports. This airport not only is the second biggest airport next to London Heathrow in terms of travelers and connections to other countries around the world, but provides the city with most of its jobs, being the largest job complex in the city! Entering that airport after my long flight, it was certainly obvious that this airport was heavily maintained but also held to high importance to not only the travelers but those who worked for it. As a matter of fact, the same can be said in a smaller scale to the main train terminal of Frankfurt, called Hauptbahnhof. I used this train station to travel from Cologne and back, and when I heard that this train station alone expects more than 400,000 passengers per day I finally took in the importance of Frankfurt and the high esteem that its people must obtain. Regardless of its impressive mass transportation system, its beauty alone can also rate it highly on the scale.


The first thing I visited was Frankfurt’s Imperial Cathedral, which you can see to the very right of my header photo. Once you enter the surprisingly on-time and fast metro ride to the Dom/Römer station, you exit the station with its impressive view. It’s bright red color certainly stood out to me, as did its shape. I found it interesting that when you enter you do not instantly enter the main area with the pews and altar all the way in the back like most churches, but you must enter another door and turn left to see its beauty. Although, I could not go all the way inside as mass was being held when I went. Just a block away from the Cathedral was this plaza that contained the quaintly shaped Römer building, or the Imperial Hall. The Imperial Hall itself contained paintings of emperors from the first century all the way to it’s last in the 1800s! I always wonder about all the history that must have taken place in a building such as this one (it was established in the 1400s) and all the things that must have been discussed. Surprisingly, the inside of the building did not impress me as much as the outside, with its bright color and its step-like roof shape. This type of building was not something I had ever seen before, and I hope you all think it’s as beautiful as I did (check it out below)!


I’ve always been more inclined to do the more interactive activities of tourism, so of course the next thing I did was take two different bus tours of the city (yes, one of those cheesy double-decker red buses!). The bus took us all around the city telling us information that I would have never known if it wasn’t for this tour. For instance, the Euro was first established in the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, where my dad actually was working for business! If it wasn’t for Frankfurt’s financial influence then the European currency might be different from what we know it to be today. On the tour we also drove through a street that contained a long row of museums called Museumsufer, also driving past the Main Tower (which unfortunately you can’t go to the outside platform at the top during the winter 😦 ), the train station, the zoo, two interesting business towers called Pollux & Kastor named after a Greek myth, and much more. The second bus tour I took was a skyline tour, which is where I managed to snap my header photo for this post. It drove past the impressive skyline of Frankfurt on two occasions, the timing being great as it was during the sunset.

The last thing I did was, of course, a little shopping spree! I didn’t buy much but a little cosmetic bag for my travels, but the extensive shopping you could do around the Hauptwache plaza was more than enough for any shopping addict. Once again, as you exit the metro station for this plaza, you’re greeted by another impressive sight but this time from the modern Galeria Kaufhof shopping mall. Inside containing over more than 50 stores, with much much more surrounding it such as beloved Zara, Urban Outfitters, H&M, and higher end stores. If my two pieces of luggage weren’t already exploding at the seams, I would have certainly splurged! The plaza itself is also beautiful, as it contains a meeting point that used to be an area that sold horses in the past. In the image below, I ate lunch in the cottage-looking building on the left, located in front of the Galeria, unfortunately not pictured. But if you’re looking for a little German meal with great ambiance, certainly go here if you’re in Frankfurt!


Although it felt like my time in Frankfurt was short, fortunately I will be back in May where my dad will again be there on business. This time, with my boyfriend joining me! We will be visiting a friend who has been away for quite some time serving the military just about an hour away from the city, and traveling around some more. I can’t wait to be back in this city and experience more of it, knowing that I barely saw a quarter of what it has! For now, I have officially FINALLY arrived in Rome, and I can’t wait to officially begin my experience studying abroad. I’ve been here just a day and I’m already taken by all it has to offer. I just wish class wasn’t in the mix! But who know’s where I’ll travel next… Until then 🙂



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