Packing List for Studying Abroad


I am currently writing this the day before I leave to Europe, which is crazy to me as I feel totally unprepared! Well, not in the sense that I haven’t packed, but mentally I haven’t grasped the fact that I will be living this adventure in just a few short days. Other than my mind set, I feel as if I have finally settled my packing chore and have grabbed just a few small things that will also help me feel more comfortable while abroad. Some are more important than others, while some are just little things I feel will spark a memory of home and allow me to de-stress when needed! Crazy how I was able to fit this all just into two suitcases and one carry-on… Enjoy!


You will hopefully see some of my favorite clothes that I’ve packed in future pictures and posts, but here are a few outfits and things I found necessary for my trip abroad:

  • Pajamas (2 pairs). Self-explanatory for nights. I found that over-packing pajamas was unnecessary as I usually do my laundry once or even twice a week, and I can just rotate them out. Some might find that a bit unhygienic, but it is more efficient!
  • Slippers (1 pair). Cheap pair I found at TJ Maxx.
  • Undergarments & Socks (I believe I have 2 or 3 weeks worth).
  • Belts (2). I packed a lot of jeans and I always feel like I always need to wear a belt with jeans. That’s just a personal preference!
  • Thermal shirt (1). I plan on traveling to some pretty cold places while it’s winter so I thought this would be handy.
  • Gloves, Scarf, and Winter Hat.
  • Jacket and Raincoat.
  • Sweatshirt (1). I either like to sleep in a sweatshirt depending on how cold it is or just like to be generally lazy with my outfits and throw one on some days!
  • Swimsuit & Flip Flops. We will be traveling to the Italian coast at the end of the semester when it’s a lot warmer.
  • Outfits (3 weeks worth). So I packed different tops and bottoms that I could try to mix and match so it (at least) doesn’t look like I’m constantly repeating the same outfit! I l packed about 5 pairs of jeans, one black and the rest denim. I like to get my jeans from American Eagle, as I am only 5 ft. 2 and their jeans really do mean “short” unlike other “short” jeans I’ve tried, so they fit me best. I also packed various pairs of black leggings which I like getting from Victoria’s Secret. My tops are from different places that I enjoy shopping such as Express, Primark, Forever 21, American Eagle, etc. I also packed 3 dresses a long with a pair of black tights to wear under in the cold days. I generally tried to pack some clothes I feel I will be able to donate/throw out in the end of the semester so I have more room in my suitcase for other things!
  • Shoes (4 pairs). Black booties that I got from Aldo (for a formal occasion), Nike sneakers, white Converse, and black rain boots from Hunter.

Toiletries- (don’t forget clear ziplock bags for liquids for TSA!)

Most of these things are not too exciting and of course I did not include everything, just of what I thought was needed for most people. Also, most of these things I am actually going to buy at a pharmacy there but I thought that it would be handy to have a few things just in case.

  • Shampoo & Conditioner (1 each, travel size).
  • Contact lenses & solution (to hopefully last me the whole semester!). Yes, I have really bad vision.
  • Hairbrush (2, one large brush and one travel size to stick in my bag). I really enjoy the hairbrushes from Wet Brush because they detangle so well after the shower.
  • Toothbrush. I packed one for the morning before I go out to buy more and toothpaste!
  • Deodorant (travel size).
  • Shower shoes which are flip flops from Old Navy. I’m going to be staying in a place with communal bathrooms.
  • Razor with replacement heads (3 replacements). I like the one from Gillette Venus that you can throw out the head of the razor when it gets old and just put on a new one.
  • Over-the-counter medicine. This also includes vitamins, as I heard those are not so easy to get a hold of abroad.
  • Make-up & brushes (way to much for my own good…)

Miscellaneous Items-

  • Important documents (passport with visa, Drivers License, money, credit cards, ISIC card, student ID, boarding pass, etc). I got a passport holder from VIPS when I went to Madrid last summer.
  • Cell phone, iPad, headphones, charger. My dad travels internationally a lot due to his job so I already have an international roaming plan. Although if you plan to call me please use FaceTime/FaceTime Audio!
  • Laptop & charger
  • Screen cleaners from Grime Boss that I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Planner. I love the organization of the Lilly Pulitzer planner. Works well for both travel and academics!
  • Adapter for outlet. The outlets are not the same shape in Europe as they are in the US.
  • Sunglasses & glasses for vision.
  • Travel water bottle. From Camelbak.
  • Satchel for traveling. I bought one on sale from Kipling that was on sale. I picked one specifically out because it had a complicated zipper that went all around in order to avoid pick-pocketing. It also is light weight and has enough room for money, phone, and anything else I might need. Hopefully classier than a fanny pack…
  • Travel Jewelry Roll that I found at TJ Maxx. I only really packed one other pair of earrings other than the ones I’m currently wearing, two necklaces, and a couple of rings. But if I buy more little things I thought this would hold them well rather than a plastic bag stuffed in my suitcase.
  • Hangers (5), cheap ones you get from the dry cleaners. I don’t think they provide us with hangers at the dorms I’m staying at, so I thought it would be nice to have a few for coats, dresses, blouses, etc.
  • Backpack for school and heavy-duty traveling. The backpack I’m using is a black Jester North Face backpack. I bought the backpack specifically for the trip!
  • Suitcases (2). Just in case anyone was wondering, I am only allowed two free suitcases on my flight. The ones I am using are navy blue 25″ from Nautica but I bought them on sale at TJ Maxx.
  • Mirror. Now this is totally optional but for someone who needs to be sitting down close to a mirror to do their make-up well, this is a necessity. I bought this one from Conair called “Reflections”, which is white and lights up if you put in batteries. It can either hang from a wall or closet or stand up on its own, which I thought was perfect.
  • Decorative pillow, fairy lights (battery powered, short), dream catcher, and blanket. I wanted to make my dorm room in Rome a little more homey! I found a cheap one dollar pillow and the fairy lights at Target. I am also using bringing an old throw blanket I had lying around. These things are totally optional and these are also so cheap that I might leave/donate them at the end of the semester.

Just a disclaimer that everyone packs different things and all of these are totally optional. Pack as much or as little as you find necessary, but just remember that you will probably return home with a lot more stuff than you will go there with. And I know that this seems like a lot but I actually bought a lot of travel sized and smaller items, along with cutting down a ton on the clothes I usually bring to a regular semester at school!

Typing out this blog post finally makes me feel ready and that I (hopefully!) have everything packed. I hope that if you’re planning on studying abroad any time soon that you might have found this useful! Safe travels (next time I write it will be in Europe!) 🙂



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